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Ron Dawson (
Sunday, 5 March 2000 at 1:39pm

What a great site.

Msgt Samuel R. Magun passed away on Nov 20th 1999. Somehow he never got around to telling his story and little is known about his service as a B17 radio operator and German POW for 27 months at Stalag 17. My wife (his daughter) has a crew picture with some names that may help identifying his bomb group and squadron. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that may have pertinent info. The crew names were Ed N. McMillan, Jr. (Pilot), Claude McLaughlin (tail gunner), Richard Hillis (Nav), C.C. Covey (waist gunner), Buell W. Oberholser (co-pilot), & Frank Kimil (bombadier). What little anecdotal information is available points to a Purple Heart earned but never issued. We would like to rectify that. Thanks.

Jack (
Sunday, 5 March 2000 at 12:32pm

With great interest I read the remark earlier in this guestbook about the new novel about the B17 pilot and ordered the book (The Triumph & the Glory)from What a great story! It reminded me of all of the heroism and sacrifice so many USAAF fliers like my grandfather displayed in order to preserve freedom for us all.

joe bentzel
Friday, 3 March 2000 at 8:45pm

Hi.was reading your web page and came across a posting by bob pries about the chowhound iwas engineer top turret on the b-17 chowhound and knew dick pries his dad i can tell you a lot about him i will try to get in touch with you bob thru the internet.i am the guy named Bing onthat photo.

john fleming (
Thursday, 2 March 2000 at 1:30pm

I have been a student of the ETO air war for many years. I got hooked on the B-17 as a child watching "12-O-Clock High."

I cant think of a more beautiful aircraft even in the jet age.

I had the chance to ride on "Nine-O-Nine" last summer and will never forget the thrill. I will always remember the colorful triangle A painted on her graceful tail and the sound of her Wright/Cyclones!!!

You fellows are my heroes. Congradgulations on a job well done.

Respectfully....John Fleming

guthrie kennard 3rd (
Monday, 28 February 2000 at 11:52pm

our pilot was ray schroder july44 tofeb45 if any one knows how i can get with them useing e mail would be thankfull.

Don Gilmore (
Sunday, 27 February 2000 at 9:12pm

My Father-in-Law, Lyle Jones served with the 91st bomb group, 401st squadron, flying in The Times A-Wastin'. He was the top turret gunner on April 8th, 1945 when the Times A-Wastin' was shot down. Only Lyle & one other crew member survived that day. He is searching for information on the other survivor, Robert A. Smith, who was the radio operator. Robert was originally from Rochester, NY. Lyle would be interested in any information about Robert A. Smith or The Times A-Wastin'
Thanks, Don Gilmore

Sunday, 27 February 2000 at 4:11pm

Great WEB site, my wifes grandfather just passed away,
1Lt Carl Wuest was part of the 322nd, he flew on the B-17 Queenie

Judi Schellhammer (
Wednesday, 23 February 2000 at 10:11am

I am the daughter of Sgt. Alfred G. Miller who served with the 91st and is pictured with his crew on one of your scrapbook pages. Dad passed away on November 7, 1999.
Dad always told the best stories of his crewmates and his time serving with the 91st. He was so proud of all of his experience.
Your website makes me feel still connected to him; thank you for such a fine site.

C. F. Sturgeon (
Friday, 18 February 2000 at 7:24pm

Great site, enjoyed every comment. Served with the 91st, 322 for 19 1/2 missions. Arrived at Bassingbourn several days before D-day, shot down August 13.1944. Pilot Lt Thomas P Smith was the only crew member killed. Have been in contact with several members of the crew but have been unable to contact Navigator Calder, Waist gunner Richard Hays, Bambardier Rietchel. Would like to hear from them if you happen to reconize the mane. Would also like to hear from anyone with knowledge of Thomas P. Smith's family. Again, appreciate the effort put into this project, Thanks.

Scott Burris (
Friday, 18 February 2000 at 12:56pm

Congratulations to the 91st BG on a great web page.

I'm looking for pictures the aircraft or contacts with the following crews.

LaFontin Crew (401st BS): B-17G 42-97406 (LL-D) no name.

P Lt. John H. LaFontin KIA Ypsilanti, MI
CP 2Lt Lynn L. Bostick KIA Waco, TX
N Lt Frank T. Keneley POW Whittier, CA
B 2Lt Angelo J. Depeder POW Chicago, IL
TT T/Sgt Samuel L. Sommers POW St. Joseph, MO
RO S/Sgt Daniel S. Abeles POW Buffalo, NY
BT S/Sgt Donald E. Schwab POW Peru, NY
RW S/Sgt Daniel E. Harrington JR KIA Struthers, OH
TG S/Sgt Kenneth P. Fiigen POW Perth Amboy, NY

Evans Crew (401st BS): B-17G 42-97519 (LL-A) "Spirit of Billy Mitchell".

P Lt Sam L. Evans POW Cottonwood, AL
CP Lt Richard W. Thompson POW Chicago, IL
N Lt Harold (NMI) Levin KIA Tuckahoe, IL
B Lt Thomas W. Harper POW Oxnard, CA
TT T/Sgt Richard R. Saffell KIA Detroit, MI
RO T/Sgt Philip J. Del Torto KIA Yonkers, NY
BT S/Sgt Robert N. Kasch POW Monroe, NY
LW S/Sgt Hugh E. Winfree POW Gordonsville, TN
RW Sgt Alfred A. Scelza POW Hartford, CT
TG S/Sgt Robert J. Schupp KIA Hamden, CT

Swenumson Crew (324th BS): B-17G 42-38006 (DF-H) "Hoosier Hot Shot". This aircraft is on the list of Tony Starcer painted nose art.

P Lt Stanley S. Swenumson POW Sacramento, CA
CP 2Lt Leonard J. Lindroth POW San Diego, CA
N 2Lt James J. Caravelas POW Peabody, MA
B 2Lt Ernest L. Bunte KIA Terroll, TX
TT S/Sgt Roy L. Stevens POW Appleton, IL
RO T/Sgt Theodore J. Rache POW Toledo, OH
BT S/Sgt Amos J. Anderson POW Rayville, LA
LW S/Sgt Charles A. Gessmor POW Los Angeles, CA
RW S/Sgt Edwin L. Arnett POW Jackson Center, OH
TG S/Sgt Michael J. Schunmacher KIA Emmetsburgh, IA

All aircraft were lost on April 19, 1944, near Eschwege, Germany. Any help is appreciated.