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Forrest Lowell Miller (
Friday, 18 February 2000 at 11:20am

A navy veteran salutes those who gave so much for their country!

Menford Borgeson (
Wednesday, 16 February 2000 at 6:57pm

The above email address is mine the proud niece of Menford Borgeson who just called me about this site....I will have to show him this he has remained in contact with many of you and would love to see this site.

Bob Pries (
Wednesday, 16 February 2000 at 6:36pm

My name is Bob Pries and my father, Dick Pries, served on the Chow Hound with the 322nd. I am looking for information about the Chow Hound and her crew. My father passed away in 1956 and the only information I have is a photo of the Chow Hound and her crew, taken sometime between Oct. 1943 and July 27,1944.

To date, I have learned that the Chow Hound was shot down on August 8, 1994 over France. Other than that I don't have much information.

On the back of the photo my father listed nicknames and positions of the crew. Perhaps someone may know who they are. They are:
"Judge" - Waist Gun, "Carlson" - Bombidier,"Boots" - Ball turret, " Russian" - Co-Pilot, "Bing" - Engineer, " Newqie - Pilot,
Dick Pries - Radio," Birddog" - Navigator, "Chile" - Tail

I would be interested to hear form anyone about the Chow Hound and her crew.

Thank you,

Mark Deary (GHU&
Tuesday, 15 February 2000 at 6:37pm

In memory of Francis J. Deary Jr., RWG S/Sgt. "Sweatbox", shot down Lindstedt, Germany, POW MARCH 1944 - JULY 1945.

Shad McVay (
Tuesday, 15 February 2000 at 9:13am

Thank you men of the 91st bomb group for sacrificing your lives to keep freedom to our contry

Lee Lohoefer (
Monday, 14 February 2000 at 8:37am

A wonderful site, thanks to all the Veterans that made this technology available / popular and so many other priviledges that we all enjoy now and in the future.
Thanks to my father (Conrad L. Lohoefer, 91st Bomb Group 401st Squadron flying "Old Battle Axe").

I am proud to be his son.

Conrad Lee Lohoefer II

Ray Bowden (
Sunday, 13 February 2000 at 3:57pm

Great Site! Congratulations. It is a wonderful tribute to all the veterans of the 91st Bomb Group.

DaveMckalips (
Sunday, 13 February 2000 at 1:41pm

I very much enjoyed reading the "Christmas " account. I wish so much that more WWII vets would write about their experiences during this in american history. We who have come after must not be allowed to forget.

deborah debono (
Saturday, 12 February 2000 at 10:14pm

My Father-in-law (deceased) flew on the Wild Hare in the 324th 91 bg. If anyone remembers him could you please contact me.


J P Hargis (
Wednesday, 9 February 2000 at 8:57pm

My cousin Lt Jack Hargis flew with the 322nd in 43
KIA Aug 43 Aircraft was Frisco Ginney
any crew out there? I also was with the 91st at Minot ND
some years later. Thanks guys we all owe you so much!