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Leland Forsblad (
Thursday, 3 February 2000 at 6:59pm

I was asked to give my e-mail so that some of the old guys and I could chat a bit. It would be nice to talk to some of the old flyers.

Thursday, 3 February 2000 at 11:31am

I was a pilot in the 323rd Sq. in 1943--my ship was named V-Packette and we went down in the channel on July 10, 1943

John A. Bell (
Wednesday, 2 February 2000 at 1:28pm

Hi: I am doing this as John has not been on this machine as yet.
I know he would like to hear from crew members. He was with the 509th squadron of the 351st bomb group of the 94 combat wing of the 1st air divisiion of the 8th Air Force.

Nice site to visit,it took me awhile to find it.

Major Bernard McMann USMC (ret) (
Monday, 31 January 2000 at 11:52pm

It is always a pleasure to visit any 91st Bomb Group site. I'm looking for anyone who may remember my uncle, John Plummer, who came over from the 305th to the 91st (401st Sqdn) about Sept of 1944. He had just rec. a commission as a 2Lt. and I believe was assigned as the Commo or Asst commo of the 401st. I know he flew a number of missions with the 91st, after having flown about 30 with the 305th as a Ssgt radioman/gunner. Lost Uncle John last April (99) and will always miss him. Hell of a guy, as were all the young eagles of the 8th Air force!

Steve Pena. Curator 91st BG Tower Museum, Bassingbourn (
Monday, 31 January 2000 at 3:49pm

Re: 323rd Sqdn Jeep photos.
Lee drop me a line - may be able to help.

PS: The Tower Museum at Bassingbourn is ALWAYS looking for photographic & other material to assist us in telling the story of the 91st Bomb Group (H) and RAF Bassingbourn. Material can be promptly copied and returned to owner.
The Tower Museum has been the 91st Bomb Group's only dedicated museum for nearly twenty seven years and has had close associations with the 91st BGMA throughout that time. Our aim is simply to "keep the memory alive for those that come after."
Our hope that we may continue our close relations in the New Millennium - including the growing use of the Internet and e-mail.
Steve Pena.

Lee D. Bishop (
Monday, 31 January 2000 at 1:59pm

Looking for good picutres of Jeep markings for the 323rd Sq, 91 BG. I'm trying to paint my 1944 MB correctly.
Also looking for any pics of "Sugar Blues," lost on 22 Feb, 1944 (323 SQ, markings OR-S) or info on it's ditching

Tim Clark (
Sunday, 30 January 2000 at 8:05pm

First I would like to thank all those involved for a wonderful website. Had it not been for this site, I wouldn't have found, and joined the 91st BGMA.

Next I would like to ask for information anyone might have regarding 91st B17G 4231333 LG*W "Wee Willie" I have copies of the photos of her demise over or near Stendahl on April 8,1945 and also copies of the casualty report and where the KIA were/are interred. Specifically, I am looking for information, color photo's, memories, whatever, to attest to the colors of her nose art and specifics on her markings both official and unofficial. I have pictures of the nose art via "Plane Names and Fancy Noses" by Ray Bowden but I can only guess as to the colors of her nose art. I have been in contact with the tower museum in the past and Steve Pena has been more than generous with information that he has on her.

I also have conflicting reports as to whether or not there were survivors who made it out of "Wee Willie" before she exploded. I am hoping that the person listed as a survivor, is in fact that. I believe the man's name is Robert Fuller (1st Lt.) if I remember the crew list correctly. I would also like to know if there were two waist gunners stationed on fortresses at that late a date? The crew list only contains nine names, and all are accounted for except one waist gunner.

I have been researching the 91st for a few years, although, I must admit I haven't done justice to the word research (it seems like a just a collection of microfilm and paper right now). Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the men and women who sacrificed so much; my deepest admiration for those of the 91st and supporting units. Thank you.

dean warner (
Thursday, 27 January 2000 at 2:22pm

attempting to locate Vincent Bruncati 42137522 who was a P-51 fighter pilot with the 355th fighter group -during the 2nd World War-a bracelet and ring have been found-anyone have information concerning Bruncati or other members of the 355th -please contact me-thanks

Joann (
Thursday, 27 January 2000 at 1:31pm

My uncle, RAYMOND BUTLER, from GA. was KIA 22 Feb. 1944. He was BTG on B-17G, 42 - 39815 EMEIGH. According to Casualty Report, 3 were taken POW: Frederick H. McBride, Leslie A. Price and Fred A. Tabor. If any of these men made it home, and are still alive, I would really like to correspond with them and see if they remember anything about my uncle - he was only abt 20 yrs old. I was a small child and barely remember him. They were shot down at Lugde, 10 km SSW of Hameln, Germany - the target was Oschersleben Aviation Industry, Germany. Any help would be appreciated very much.

Rick Senffner (
Wednesday, 26 January 2000 at 1:54pm

I would like to find out some information on my Uncle Steve Domladovac or any of the other crew members family or from anyone who knew him or any of the crew members or the December 1, 1943 misssion that the 91st fly that day.
Steve flew with 91st Bomb Group 322 Squadron on a B-17 named Mizpah II

Steve Domladovac Serial No. 0750242
He was a Navigator aboard a B-17

Steve along with his whole crew were killed on a bombng mission to Leverkusen, Germany on December 1, 1943. This was mission #89 for the 91st Bomb Group and details are in MACR 1321.
Their aircraft's number was 4229794 Markings LG-O
In one of his eailier letters he said the name of their aircraft was named Mizpah II,
The rest of the crew members were
P. Leonard Anderson
CP. Harry Holinger
B. Clinton Copeland
E. Evert Ross
R. Robert Pendergast
BT. Albert Ross
W, Wayne Houser
W. Joseph Campbell
T. Charles Shelly