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2LT Jesse Carnes (
Wednesday, 22 December `99 at 5:53am

Dear All at the Fightin' 91st ---

2LT Jesse Carnes here. I just wanted to say, I REALLY appreciate you guys at the 91st BGMA and at this nice web site.
Flaps up!! =)

PS : Today at work, I am going to show a co-worker what the USAAF officers wore during WWII, when it came to class-A's ... pinks-and-greens, that is to say. What a fabulous uniform! I am just glad that I found a company who makes these uniforms.
At any rate, Keep 'em Flyin' at the 91st!! --- 2LT Jesse Carnes

mike powell (
Monday, 20 December `99 at 3:50pm

I am looking for information on a B17 pilot Art Metzger who I think was stationed at Bassingbourn probably in 1943. He was in the RAF for a while before the USAAF came to the UK. He was a friend of my dad who flew Lancaster bombers from Fiskerton then. I am not sure if it was the 91st he was in, but any help information would be useful. My dad has some good stories to tell about this friendship.

S/Sgt. Larry Hull (
Sunday, 19 December `99 at 5:40pm

Hi Vernon Woods!
Finally back in touch. In good shape back in New Jersey. Saw your comments on the internet, hope you are well. I would like to hear from you. And I'll write you back. My mailing address is
3 Montgomery Ave., Montville, NJ 07045. My comment is the name of the plane was the Duke of Paduca. The plane we were shot down in was the Black Swan. This is in reference to Mendelsohn's Crew. I'm the cute skinny one on the far left, back row. Totally amazed by your web site. GREAT!!!

Herman Gathright (
Saturday, 18 December `99 at 11:41pm

This visit was because my brother-in-law "Oscar Richard of Baton Rouge" - he was a navagator an was shot down. He spent 18 months in a prison camp. I believe he called Lauth One or something close to that name.

Falkner Florian (
Friday, 17 December `99 at 3:03am

I'am from Austria and can not write corect english!
I find your side very good

John DeHart (
Sunday, 12 December `99 at 11:45am

My father is John H. DeHart. Late of the 91st bomb group 324 bomb sq. oct.42 to may 43. His ship was "The Pistol Packin Mama". Anyone who might have served with him please contact me.

Michael Moreno Jr. (
Saturday, 11 December `99 at 3:34pm

Looking for the name of the pilot who flew General "Ike" with co-pilot Lewis B. Ellis. From the 401st SQ of the 9th Bomb Group (Heavy). Pilot's nickname was "Bumpy", co-pilots nicname "Mr. Serene".

It's possible the pilot could be a very distant relative. His cousin may have been my Grandmother. I am active duty Air Force (enlisted)stationed in Germany. Any information is greatly appreciated.

tom english (
Friday, 10 December `99 at 8:53am

91st, 401st, pilot Robert English KIA, 12-20-42 on Romilly Mission. Looking for Ray Brunn and Sparling Anderson, Bombardier and Navigator. Co-Pilot Charles Mendel, Radio-Gunner Jim Tyler and Bottom Ball-Turret Gunner Ray Slominski would like to say hello. Also looking for relatives of deceased crew mwmbers Tailgunner Steve Stefulla KIA, Top Ball-Turret Gunner Allen Haynes KIA, Waist Gunner Ralph Tomek and Vince Jacoby. The German fighter pilot Otto "Stotto" Stammberger, who received credit for the downing of this B-17 is still alive and would also like to hear from these survivors. He was credited with 8 kills and still lives in Germany.

joe kaiserski (
Thursday, 9 December `99 at 3:01pm

my dad was in the 91st bomg group Triangle A '42-'43 he is
still kicking and so is my mom he's been to alot of reunions
and would love to talk to anyone still around however, he
does not have a computer and would'nt go near one!!! but i
will give him any comments

Al Fratelli (
Tuesday, 7 December `99 at 2:35pm

Hi--- My brother in law was Ed Figler. He told me he was on the Delta Rebel. He died last year and I would like to communicate with anyone who knew him. THANKS ahead of time AL