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MLarson (
Monday, 6 December `99 at 12:32pm

I'm looking for acquaintances of my uncle, James W. Graham. He was a mechanic in the 401st.Have a photo of him and a group of 4 others in front of "The Ruptured Duck"(will be sending soon).
Anyone who may know/remember him please e-mail

Steve Smith (
Saturday, 4 December `99 at 4:37pm

Hey, it's great to see my friends in the 91 BG on the net. It will be so much easier to keep abreast of the activities and keep in touch. Yes, I'm a member (associate) of the 91 BGMA. I'm Harry F. Smith's nephew. He was a radio operator, at Bassingbourn from May to Oct '43. Weisenfeld's crew, most of the time. Flew mission lead on the 17 Aug 43 Schweinfurt raid. He's still alive, but doesn't communicate well any more. I'm so glad you're helping to keep the memories alive.

Kimberly Ann Arthur (
Friday, 3 December `99 at 7:56pm

Well done page! Knew about the Memphis Belle, now I know more about the bomb group to which they belonged! I got here from the 95th BG Web-Page! Good Luck! Happy Holidays!

James K Sanders
Tuesday, 30 November `99 at 8:32pm

Flew a tour of 25 missions from June 10, 1944 to Aug. 26, 1944,
most in aircraft Zootie Cutie, 401st. squadron.

mary gilligan (
Tuesday, 30 November `99 at 1:40pm

hi, just looking for people who might know my dad, frank, from the 384th i think.

Robert Jordan
Monday, 29 November `99 at 6:10pm

Hi, Im looking for info concerning my father`s fighter-bomber group that was at first stationed in England as late as oct `44

then to BelgiumCa. Dec `44. Had to be 8th or 9th AAF and the bit i know and remember from my dadīs (now lost) squadron book was that his outfit was called "The fighting 22nd"(Squadron) 40? Bomb

Group. Type of bombers "forts" as he inscribed on the back of a snapshot of one that just landed at their Belgium base. "A "fort"

landed at ourbase in Belgium. Two(2) engines outand wounded aboard". The B-17 nickname was "Miss America". If anyone out there knows anything ??? Correct B-group whatever. e-mail me or(I reside temp. in Hamburg Ger.) drop me a line: R. Jordan Muehlendamm 51 22087 Hamburg, Germany

other clues: Their insignia was a wasp or a hornet wearing boxing

gloves. I remember spending hours looking at his squad book growing up in the 60īs. Dad was a real trooper. A real vet. The Air Force was his ( AND ME AND MY SISTERīS) life and love from 1939 -til retirement in the late 50īs. We lived on no less than 3 bases including very strategic Loring AFB in Presque Isle Maine ca.ī56-58. Imagine that! He ended service in West Palm Beach, Fla. where I had been born 8 years before, and, where he met mom after the war while stationed at Mitchell Field. I wanted to go into the AF but by 1970 the furor over Vietnam changed all that

I sometimes have this nagging feeling that I missed some crucial phase to manhood. Oh well. I guess thatīs why Iīm so nostaligic

today about my dads contribution. and the history of all our war efforts. Dad passed away in 1985. His ashes, along with a VFW local buddyīs were poured by me and my sister in the sea aboard a Coast Guard cutter. Itīs hard to share these feelings with people

who were your fatherīs enemy. But Iīve made peace with them. R.J.

Eugene Earl Brown "Lucky" (
Sunday, 28 November `99 at 12:58pm

Hello to all, I am looking for information for my grandfather, His name is Eugene Earl Brown aka "Lucky, or Brownie" sn # 17072133, He served in the 91st Bomb Group 8th Air Force, 324th squadron, and was a Radio Operator Gunner, I don't have what the name of the plane he flew on, But he does remember the name of first plane it was called "Red Alert" they flew "Tail End Charlie". He was stationed in Bassingbourn England, Said their liberty run was in Camebridge, He flew 26 missions, And when he went in to England his rank was Buck Sergeant and when he came home he was a Tech Sergeant, His major he thinks was named Crans, and last he knew he was residing in Macon Mo. He is looking for information and any of these men, not sure exact spelling on some of the names. Captain Simpson-Bombader Pilot O Brian Co-Pilot Dunlop Navigator Tom Blume Engineer Leroy Vandike Tail Gunner Otto Schmidt Waist Gunner Milton Roth Waist Gunner Wolfenberger (Wolf) Ball Turret ? Radio Operator Gunner Eugene Earl Brown aka Lucky, or Brownie usually was called by middle name Earl by most. If Anyone has any information on any of these men, please e-mail me, My grandfather is hoping he can get together with some of his friends this comming summer, Or would at least like to talk to them, His health has not been that good and he is hoping to find that he is not the last one left alive, We would like to know any information, even if they are deceased. I will have more information about his missions in the following week, He has his diary and everything in box and is going to give it to me to use for information in his search, I hope someone can help us. My Grandfather and all our family reside in Moberly Missouri. God bless all those who have served our country and are continuing to serve. Melissa Walker 1-800-579-7250 m-s 9-5 cst ask for Melissa his grandaughter Fern his wife Eva Lou his daughter Tell who awnsers you are calling about information on his search for his friends. Melissa

rick zentz (
Friday, 26 November `99 at 3:36pm

my dad, charlie zentz, is number 26 in the front row of the
group photo on and around the B-17 (submitted by bernie)!
he passed away 7 years ago but was always proud of the aircorp
and the men he served with. i had a chance, on a trip to england
in 1986, to visit bassingbourne. i just "popped-in" and was given
a tour by a british airman. i visited the control tower, runways,
and huts still scattered about the base. i took some photos, and
my dad was particularly moved to see them,especially the memorial
dedicated to the brave fliers and their crews. i even got a chance to sit in the "american eagle" pub in cambridge and have an ale or two! the squadron numbers are still burned into the ceiling! it's quite a sight!
i have the group photo of the B-17 in my study area at home.
my dad would be tickled to see this on the internet....
take care,all!
rick zentz

PFC Whitehead, Marcus W. TARNG
Wednesday, 24 November `99 at 9:05am

Greetings to all. This is a wonderful site and I have enjoyed it immensely. I believe that I may have missed my calling. I am currently looking for a cut away view of the B-17 that will show each crew position. I am working on a wonderful idea that will not only promote the B-17 but that will never let the spirit of such a beautiful plane and the magnificent men who flew them die out. I wish I could tell you more about it but it is still in the development stages and I don't want to set false hopes.
Thank you,
PFC Whitehead
Texas Army National Guard

Gordy Alton (
Saturday, 20 November `99 at 8:40pm

Every time I visit this site I get a little emotional. As a son of a 91BG veteran, I salute the veterans and others who make this site possible. Thanks Jim and Suzi for all the work you put into it, and thanks to all who contribute a greeting or comment to the site. It lets people such as myself know that my father's deeds were appreciated by others, and makes me even more proud of the job he and the other vets did for all of us, those many years ago.