Yankee Gal

324th Squadron

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Serial # 43-37844 DF-K

Back Row, Left to Right

1st Lt. Lionel Marien, Navigator; Sgt. Hatch, Tail Gunner; Sgt. Luby, Waist Gunner; 1st Lt. Earl Pate Jr,  Pilot.

Front Row, Left to Right

Sgt. James D. Bishop, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner; Sgt. George Kelly, Togglier; Sgt. Paul Staake, Ball Turret Gunner; Sgt. Jacobs, Radio Operator.

Not Shown: Lt. Roberts, Co-Pilot

Yankee Gal Factoid - The name "Rosamond" above the words "Yankee Gal" was Lionel Marien's girlfriend/fiancĂ©e. He wanted to get married before he was shipped overseas but Rosamond's parents wanted her to wait until after Lionel returned. Her parents asked her "How will you feel about Lionel if her comes back from the war disfigured or severely injured?" As it turned out, Lionel returned unscaved and they were married shortly thereafter. 

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