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Bill Whitlow (
Sunday, 5 November 2000 at 9:32pm

Hi! First off, thanks for a really terrific web sight! I have really enjoyed my visit.
Next, I would really like any information that I could get on a plane from the 401st called Command Performance 2. The bombardier was Chuck Strode. I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Strode over 20 years ago in Brighton, Colorado, but as I have moved several times, I have lost track of him. Of particular intrest to me are the serial number (the last 3 numbers of which added up to 13) and the letter designator and large letters that were painted on the side of the plane, near the waist guns. I would like to build a model of this plane, and want it to be as accurate as possible. Any pictures that could be emailed to me or otherwise copied, would be terrific! Thanks in advance for any help.

Terry Flemming (
Sunday, 5 November 2000 at 6:46pm

My father (Thomas F. Flemming) was a pilot with the 323rd. He has passed on to me color pictures of the planes; "Nine-0-Nine", "High-ho-Silver" and "Margie". Email me if you are interested in them, I can send them via email". There is even a color picture with him and some of his freinds in front of the officers mess.

G Pire (
Saturday, 4 November 2000 at 7:49am

I was a member of the 91SMW, your sons if you will. Did you ever consider a post WW2 history of the 91st. We Cold War kids racked up a pretty distinguished addendum to what you did. We retired the Riverside Trophy for best in the 15th AF, won the Omaha, LeMay, Blanchard, and a whole bunch more. In the late 70's the 91st was named best wing in the USAF, the fighter guys were really pissed. We have more AF Distinguished Unit awards than I can remember. We knew we had a proud history and tried to add to it.

Frank Bielecki (
Tuesday, 31 October 2000 at 10:50pm

I would want to thank Bill Howard, nephew of C.Pinning who was the pilot of Chief Sly lll. After months of his efforts, Bill finally located me who is the brother of S/Sgt Joe Bielecki who was KIA on October 9, 1943. His plane was shot down over Anklam, Germany. Bill gave me the information in regards to your website. I was thrilled to locate my brother's picture with the crew on your website. My brother's body was never found. But after fifty-seven (57) years your website finally brought a closure to my brother's death.

I would like to join the 91st Bomb Group as an associate member.

Brett Piper (
Tuesday, 31 October 2000 at 5:07am

Great site, thanks for the history.

G.T. Lomas (
Sunday, 29 October 2000 at 9:44am

I am trying to find any information, photos, memorabilia from the B-17 Hi-Ho Silver that flew with the 91st Bomb Group.
Thank You!

Monday, 23 October 2000 at 6:54pm

On 09 october 1943, 2Lt. Dale C. Engell,ser#0-739415,Bombardier of the 324th BS flew on Chief Sly III,a/c 42-29711 of the 322nd BS,pilot C.B.Pinning.The assigned Bombardier 2Lt. Albert Rolnick hit his head on the bombay door and was unable to make the flight.Chief Sly III was lost to German fighters,all were KIA.Can anyone tell me where Dale was from or may know of his family.MACR lists Berkiner NY. There is a Herkimer NY,however that has been a dead end.I am still trying to complete the history on the a/c and crew.Thanks, Bill

Jose L. Gonzalez (
Monday, 23 October 2000 at 4:18pm

I belong to The Fortress Flight and Museum Society at Tom Reilly in Kissimmee, Fla. Currently we are in the process of restoring a B-17G. It should be ready to fly some time at the end of 2001.
We want to paint the A/C as Outhouse Mouse in honor of the 91stBG, 323rdBS. I am looking for any surviving crew members of Outhouse Mouse who wants to help me on my reserch. You can contact me at (787)763-8657 or at the society at (407)933-1942

Thomas Flemming Jr. (
Sunday, 22 October 2000 at 7:31pm

Great Web Site!
This is of particular interest to me since my father, Thomas Flemming Sr. flew 35 missions with the 323rd as a pilot/co-pilot.
Keep up the good work!
Tom Flemming Jr.

Chris Clark (
Thursday, 19 October 2000 at 6:03am

I am looking for information on my late uncle, LT. Modesto "Babe" Olivo. I believe that he served with the 322nd Bomber Squadron in an aircraft called "My Baby Two" and was shot down on Nov 2, 1944. Any replies would be gratefully accepted.



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