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Friday, 9 June 2000 at 5:42pm

Ref page four-"Chief Sly III"
The Crew identified is the training crew taken 10 july '43 at Dalhart ,Tx. The crew shown was taken subsequent to 05 sept'43.
I can identify all but two crew members.If I could get the crew "loading list" for the following missions I probably could identify the complete crew shown of "Chief Sly III"
mission date a/c ser # target pilot
74 23 sept '43 42-29711 Nantes C.B.Pinning
75 26 sept'43 42-29815 Meulan C.B.Pinning
76 27 sept'43 42-29815 Emden C.B.Pinning
77 02 oct"43 42-29711 Emden C.B.Pinning
79 08 oct'43 42-29711 Bremen C.B.Pinning
80 09 oct'43 I have the crew on this last flight
75 Aborted sorti
in the photo G.W.Boyle(serv. no.18044478) is called out,I believe he was not assigned to the crew in England however he was on the training crew in TX.Boyle flew on a/c 42-97125-shot down on mission 126 22mar'44 was a POW returned to the zone of interior.
Keep up the good work!!
Note: on Thursday 29 June'2000 a Memorial plaque will be dedicated at The Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum At Pooler GA (outside of Savannah) to Honor "Chief Sly III" and Her Crew.
Thanks Bill Howard -nephew of the Pilot

Sean Hansbury (
Friday, 9 June 2000 at 2:03pm

My father, Thomas J. Hansbury flew two tours of duty in WW2.
The first as a tail-gunner with the 91st. group 322nd.sqd. (B-17) His 1st. mission was on Nov.7,1942 and the last on May 19,1943. His 2nd. tour was also as a tail-gunner (B-24)with the 467th group 789th sqd. 1st. mission May 28,1944 and his last on Nov. 1944.
The name of his 1st. B-17 was The Heavyweight Annihialaters. I don't know the names of the others he flew on.
My goal is to find out as much information about his missions and if theirs anyone who might have served with him.
I also have his diaires of both of the tours he flew and have typed a copy if your organization would like to read them.
Sean Hansbury

vernon baird
Thursday, 8 June 2000 at 7:09pm

would like to hear from someone who flew on the lewd angel

Gerald Price (
Thursday, 8 June 2000 at 1:14pm


I am trying to trace Raymond 'Corky' Korkings who served in the 8th during WWII for his daughter Verna who he has never met.

Please mail me if anyone knows of his wereabouts


Ken Ingignoli (
Wednesday, 7 June 2000 at 5:31pm

These Gentlemen quite literally heped to save the world....

My father, Libero A. Ingignoli (Tony)
served with this the time he was a First Sargent.

He has passed away a few years ago. I am curious about this aspect of his life and would appreciate hearing some information about him from those he may have served with.

thank you

Jeff Grosse (
Sunday, 4 June 2000 at 9:04pm

'Chow Hound'
I am a B-17 buff and plastic modeler trying to find more info about 'Chow Hound'. I would like to write a magzine story about this a/c and it's crew. Also am in the process of building a model of 'Chow Hound' and would like to correspond with any 91st BG vets with memoires and/or photos. Any former 'Chowhound'aircrew or groundcrewmen out there?
I am particularly interested in copying photos wwhich show the Purple Heart that was painted onto the noseart due to flak damage. I'd like to document the service life of this a/c and would really like to hear from 322nd vets.
Great website!
Jeff Grosse
e mail:

Ret. Lt. Col. Raymond E Jones
Saturday, 3 June 2000 at 8:46pm

We were shot down on the 20th of July, 1944, over Zwickau, Germany while on a Leipzig mission. We lost 4 crew members that day. They were Donigan, Darznick, North and Callahan. Don Knapp and I and Bob Hart wound up in Stalagluft-I at Barth, Germany. Jim Veres was taken to a German army hospital and treated. I got Jim out of his station bloody, incoherent and without a chute. I got him a chute on, fastened a snap to his d ring, fastened that to the aircraft and pushed him out wishing him well. He was treated and released and sent to, of all places, Bergin Belsen consentration camp. A Luftwaffe officer and a SS doctor discovered American airmen in the camp. They were released and sent to a regular POW camp. When American troops reached Bergen Belsen they found approximately 30,000 corpse! I am the sole survivor of the crew of Winnie, Frank and Joe. Jim Veres, my very good friend, passed away in August, 1999. I can be reached at HC 53, Box 335, Hemphill, Texas 75948. My phone number is 409-579-3670.

Clive Stevens (
Tuesday, 30 May 2000 at 4:29pm

I am a 25 yr old guy from England, who has been researching aspects of the 91st Bomb Group since 1992, when I first met up with the veterans of the 91st at Bassingbourn. I attended the Tucson reunion a few years ago now, and made many friends there.

I am now appealing for anyone who can recall 1st Lt. John Bennett of the 323rd Squadron, who was co-pilot to Lt. leland Forsblad. His crew was shot down in the English channel on July 10th 1943 aboard the B-17 Stric Nine, and the two pilots (Bennett & Forsblad) were the only survivors. They were in the water several hours before an armed french motor boat picked them up, and then their POW life began.

I am particularly keen to contact anyone who new of John Bennett whilst at Bassingbourn or in POW camp. I am carrying out this research on behalf of his daughter who was born on July 6th 1943 in Royston England, and who John never saw until after the war. He came to England as a flyer before the US had entered the war, flying Spitfires and wears RAF wings on his class A tunic as well as his US wings. (Found from studying WWII pictures of him) He married an English girl from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire in early 1943, who became one of the many G'I' war brides.

Although he died in the 1980's his daughter knows very little of his war history, and maybe someone reading this will remember him, and be able to help fill in the gaps in her family history.

Also appealing for anyone who flew aboard the B-17 G 42102504 'Times A-Wastin' I would be pleased to hear from also - Its my particular favourite from the 91st !

Keeping the memory alive

Clive Stevens - Marlborough,Wiltshire - England

Vicki Hibbert (
Friday, 26 May 2000 at 4:13am

Hello, I wonder if any of you can help me, I'm a 24 year old girl from a village in Hertfordshire trying to get some stories together about your experiences in England during the war. Although I am fascinated by your tales in the air - I am particularly interested in the effect the airmen had on the local community, what you got up to, where you went and who you went around with, with reference to pubs, villages etc. I really believe this is of interest to a lot of people in the East of England and ideally I'd love to put some kind of book together. So if any of you have any stories I'd love to hear from you.

Mark van Heusden (
Thursday, 25 May 2000 at 11:48pm

Greetings from South Africa ! We are a company that restores and rebuilds warbirds.We have two B17A Bombers in our stable.Anyone that might be interested in them is welcome to contact me.These aircraft are part of a package which we purchased from the Ethiopian Airforce.


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